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Mindset Computer Repairs
341 A Hempstead Avenue
Malverne, NY 11565

Lenovo Laptop Repair

Lenovo Laptop Repair Service and Recovery

Lenovo Laptop Repair and Lenovo Notebook Repair. Mindset Computer Repair, repairs and provides replacement parts for most models of Lenovo notebooks. Our Free Lenovo Laptop Computer Diagnostic and Estimate will allow our tech to tell you what is the problem with you laptop computer.

Mindset Computer Repair service warranties all performed services. All hardware such as LCD Screens, Hard Drives Motherboards and DC Jack (power jack) are backed by our 1 year manufacturer defect warranty. All virus removal, operating system reinstalls and software installations are backed by a 30 day warrantee.

If your laptop computer is in need of repair or specific part please call us at 516.837.3841.
We are locally located at 341 A Hempstead Avenue, Malverne, NY 11565, in Nassau County, Long Island in the state of New York. Please visit us at our address to service your Lenovo Laptop. For those that are out of
New York
, simply ship the notebook to us, and use the address above as the mailing address. Please enclose your name, address, home phone, cell phone and brief description of the problem you are having with your Lenovo Laptop. Upon acquisition of your Lenovo Laptop our customer service representative will call you with a diagnosis of your Lenovo Laptop and a Free cost estimate for the repair. Thank You.

Mindset Computer Repairs can supply you with any Lenovo Laptop parts that you may need replacing including Lenovo Replacement LCD Screens, Lenovo keyboards, Lenovo motherboard, Lenovo cd-rom drives, Lenovo cdrw drives, Lenovo dvd drives, Lenovo dvdrw drives and Lenovo Blu-Ray drives.

Computer Services throughout Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Tri State New York

Lenovo Armada
Lenovo LaptopArmada 110 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 110s Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 1100 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 1500 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 1500c Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 1700 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 1750 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 3500 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 4100 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 4200 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 6500 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 7300 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 7400 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 7700 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada 7800 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada e500
Lenovo LaptopArmada e500s Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada E700 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada m300 Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada SB Series
Lenovo LaptopArmada V300 Series
Lenovo Laptop100 Series

Lenovo Concerto

Lenovo Contura

Lenovo LaptopContura 400 Series
Lenovo LaptopContura Aero Series
Lenovo LaptopContura Series

Pavilion Notebooks

Lenovo LaptopPavilion dv
Lenovo LaptopPavilion n
Lenovo LaptopPavilion xf
Lenovo LaptopPavilion xh
Lenovo LaptopPavilion xt
Lenovo LaptopPavilion xu
Lenovo LaptopPavilion xz
Lenovo LaptopPavilion zd
Lenovo LaptopPavilion ze
Lenovo LaptopPavilion zt
Lenovo LaptopPavilion zu
Lenovo LaptopPavilion zv
Lenovo LaptopPavilion zx

Lenovo Evo Notebook
Lenovo LaptopEvo n160
Lenovo LaptopEvo n180
Lenovo LaptopEvo n200
Lenovo LaptopEvo n400c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n410c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n600c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n610c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n610v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n620c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n800c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n800v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n800w
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1000c
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1000v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1005v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1010v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1015v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1020v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n1050v
Lenovo LaptopEvo n110 Series
Lenovo LaptopEvo n115 Series
Lenovo LaptopEvo n150 Series

Lenovo LTE

Lenovo LaptopLTE 5000 Series
Lenovo LaptopLTE Elite Series
Lenovo LaptopLTE Lite Series

Lenovo Portable

Lenovo Laptop286 Series
Lenovo Laptop386 Series
Lenovo Laptop486 Series
Lenovo LaptopPortable II Series
Lenovo LaptopPortable III Series

Presario Series

Lenovo Laptop300 Series
Lenovo Laptop700 Series
Lenovo Laptop800 Series
Lenovo Laptop900 Series
Lenovo Laptop1000 Series
Lenovo Laptop1100 Series
Lenovo Laptop1200 Series
Lenovo Laptop1400 Series
Lenovo Laptop1500 Series
Lenovo Laptop1600 Series
Lenovo Laptop1700 Series
Lenovo Laptop1800 Series
Lenovo Laptop1900 Series
Lenovo Laptop2100 Series
Lenovo Laptop2200 Series
Lenovo Laptop2500 Series
Lenovo Laptop2700 Series
Lenovo Laptop2800 Series
Lenovo Laptop3000 Series
Lenovo LaptopB1000 Series
Lenovo LaptopB2000 Series
Lenovo LaptopB3800 Series
Lenovo LaptopM2000 Series
Lenovo LaptopR3000 Series
Lenovo LaptopR4000 Series
Lenovo LaptopV1000 Series
Lenovo LaptopV2000 Series
Lenovo LaptopV4000 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1000 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1100 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1200 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1300 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1400 Series
Lenovo LaptopX1500 Series
Lenovo LaptopX6000 Series
Lenovo Prosignia
Lenovo Laptop120 Series
Lenovo Laptop140 Series
Lenovo Laptop150 Series
Lenovo Laptop160 Series
Lenovo Laptop170 Series
Lenovo Laptop190 Series
Lenovo Laptop486 Series
Lenovo Laptop586 Series

Lenovo SLT

Lenovo LaptopSLT 286 Series
Lenovo LaptopSLT 386 Series

Lenovo Notebook PC

Lenovo Laptop6100 Series
Lenovo Laptop6200 Series
Lenovo Laptop8200 Series
Lenovo Laptopnc4000
Lenovo Laptopnc4010
Lenovo Laptopnc6000
Lenovo Laptopnc8000
Lenovo Laptopnx5000
Lenovo Laptopnx7000
Lenovo Laptopnx7010
Lenovo Laptopnx7100
Lenovo Laptopnx9000
Lenovo Laptopnx9005
Lenovo Laptopnx9008
Lenovo Laptopnx9010
Lenovo Laptopnx9020
Lenovo Laptopnx9030
Lenovo Laptopnx9100
Lenovo Laptopnx9105
Lenovo Laptopnx9110
Lenovo Laptopnx9500
Lenovo Laptopnw8000
Lenovo Laptopnc4200
Lenovo Laptopnx4800
Lenovo Laptopnx9040
Lenovo Laptopnx9600

OmniBook Notebooks

Lenovo LaptopOmniBook 500
Lenovo LaptopOmniBook 6000
Lenovo LaptopOmniBook vt Series
Lenovo LaptopOmniBook xe Series
Lenovo LaptopOmniBook xe3 Series
Lenovo LaptopOmniBook xt Series

Rugged Notebook

Lenovo Laptop3610 Rugged Notebook
Lenovo Laptopnr3610 Rugged Notebook
Lenovo Laptopnr3600 Rugged Notebook


Our Lenovo Laptop repair services include: Hard Drive upgrades, Motherboard Repair, Memory Upgrades, Data Recovery and Data Transfer.

Mindset Computer Repair Trained Technicians are able to instantly diagnose what is wrong from the symptoms:

Lenovo Laptop Purchase Program

Many times we run into situations where the Lenovo Laptop is just not worth repair. When the laptop repair cost more than what the laptop is worth Mindset consider the machine "TOTALED" Lucky For You, Mindset Computer Repair has a program that we would purchases your Lenovo Laptop for parts in our repair inventory. We will issue a check, credit or trade of services for the wholesale values of the function or non functional Lenovo Laptop.

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